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Got some questions? We’re here to answer them!

What are CrowdLEDs?

Remote controlled LED wristbands for events. Easily centrally controlled by a remote, DMX controller or laptop. This means that you can change and activate all the colors of all the attendees.

Where do we use them for?

Weddings, company events, brand activation, concerts, school parties etc.

How do I control them?

For small events we lend a remote control. Very simalar as one for your tv.

For big events you can rent our DMX integration or Control laptop. Your light technician can control it himself or you can have a CrowdLED technician on location.

Can I print my logo on them?

You sure can. It’s possible to print multiple colours on roughly 3 x 1 cm.

Can I make groups?

Yes, it’s possible to assign visitors to specific groups. Giving you the power to control every group individually. You can choose to split the crowd in as many groups as you want and make every group it’s own color.

How far is the range?

Up to 750 meters.

What is the delivery time?

Without personal print:
Rush and small orders: 3 days. Depending on stock.
Normal order: 4 weeks

With personal print:
Rush job: 5 days. Depending on stock
Normal job: 4 weeks

More information?

Mail us at info@crowdled.nl and we will respond as fast as we can!

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