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LED Balloons

If you’re looking to WOW your crowd, then these giant LED Balls are perfect for you. You can create captivating scenery that will astound your audience and add a rich visual element to your event. With our DMX controller you can integrate both the Balls and the wristbands into the show. The LED Balls can be customized to your specific color scheme and with this in your corner, your event will be etched into the minds of your guests forever! Contact us today and find out how these amazing LED Balls can benefit your event!

  • Made with PVC – does not pop

  • All light and balloon colours possible

  • (Full colour) Custom branding

  • DMX512 integration possible

  • Sizes ranging from small (60 cm) to huge (3 m)

Controlling a LED Balloon

You can control the LED Balloons with the same controllers we provide for the LED wristbands:

  • DMX512 controller for seamless integration of the Balls into the light show of your event, easy to use by you or your technician. We can provide technical support in the rare case you need help  setting it up! This is the same controller as for the wristbands.
  • Laptop integration is for the event that wants seamless integration but lacks a DMX panel or the like. The laptop we provide you with allows you to intuitively create your own light playlist much like a DMX panel would.

If need be the LED Balls can be manually controlled by a small remote within 10 meters of the balloon.

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