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Never before has a light show been this interactive

CrowdLEDs let the crowd experience an event at a whole new level!
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Possible applications of CrowdLEDs for your event:

Hand out the CrowdLEDs to everyone and remote control them. The entire audience becomes a light sensation and synchronously follows the light show!
Divide the groups into different colors. For example: Every department a different color. Every table a different color. Every workshop session a different color.
The entire audience is blue and you announce the winners. Eveyone becomes red except for the winners that light up green!
Every time the CrowdLEDs flicker or light up a new speaker or video is about to commence.
Your text of choice or logo can be printed on the front of the CrowdLEDs. Apart from that all color LEDs, casings and combinations are possible!

Extra services for your event

CrowdLED also provides services surrounding the LED bracelets

  • Sending CrowdLEDs to your guests before the event together with the invitation.
  • You can easily control the CrowdLEDs yourself or request an experienced technician on location.
  • Hostessen to hand out the CrowdLEDs
  • Branding CrowdLEDs with your logo
  • Rushjob. Are you in a hurry? The delivery time of imprinted CrowdLEDs can often be reduced from 4 to 1 weeks with our rush service!