About us

About Us

When attending events we noticed that visitors were always spectators instead of being completely immersed by the experience, only ever witnessing effects but never quite being a part of them. Thus, in 2013, CrowdLED was born.

With a team of music experts, entrepreneurs and engineers we formed a winning team and managed to create one of the biggest stage effects possible with the help of one simple component: the crowd.  

Since then we have expanded rapidly and gone worldwide. Headquarters is located in the Netherlands, the largest exporter in the entertainment industry, whilst our warehouses and production sites are located all over the world. With our optimised production process we are able to supply to anyone, anywhere.

CrowdLED is the pinnacle of a planetary business. For us it absolutely is a small world, as we can deliver thousands of branded wristbands anywhere in the world in a week. When you work with us, the CrowdLED employee you’re speaking with could be situated in any one of our offices. All to ensure your messages are read by the correct people as fast as possible.

The CrowdLED team

Managing Director paul@crowdled.net

Sales and Support manager lennart@crowdled.net

Sales and Support tobias@crowdled.net

Sales and Support nick@crowdled.net

Creative Director sophie@crowdled.net

Head of production lily@crowdled.net

Lead Engineer

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