Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

When you’re catering to a few hundred or a tens of thousands of people, pollution is almost inevitable. For this reason we make every possible effort to reduce any social and environmental impact made when planning your event.

At CrowdLED we strongly encourage our customers to return as many units as possible for a rebate. We don’t want to see any wristbands in the trash! To avoid this we reuse as many wristbands as possible, even if they have been branded. Any remaining wristbands will be dismantled to recycle all usable components, thus reducing the environmental impact of your event.

We believe in creating job possibilities for those who have difficulty finding work. Due to this we have as much as possible of production and refurbishment done in Europe by people with disabilities, allowing them to contribute to society. By producing the wristbands in Europe we also cut down on transportation costs and environmental impact.

For components that cannot be produced in Europe we outsource the work to China. We care for our workers, as such we ensure that working conditions are up to modern standards.Our full-time staff in China oversees production, making sure all workers are treated fairly and have optimal working conditions.


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