How does it work

How does it work

Hand-out the wristbands to your crowd upon arrival. Once your event begins you activate the wristbands with the push of a button.

Select any colour with the three integrated RGB LED lights in the wristbands.

Choose between solid, flashing or colour fading options

8+ hours light time
99+ hours stand-by time

Reuse your wristbands by replacing the batteries or send them back to us for a rebate.

Create up to 256 groups, one group per DMX channel. Use these groups to create lighting effects such as waves or preprogrammed shows. Separate crowds into sections with the ability to control each group individually.

Brand your wristbands. We can full colour print your logo on the cover of the wristbands. Let your guests know who made the event an unforgettable experience!


Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5

Each group is designated its own DMX channel. Using an industry standard lighting console, you can control each group separately or collectively with the “ALL” channel.

Turn each group on/off

Select colour for each group separately

Select light mode


The wristbands are controlled by using license free radio frequencies. We offer three control options:

Remote Control
For smaller events or mobile parties. The easy-to-use remote control is battery powered, meaning you can control the bracelets whilst walking around your event.

DMX Controller
The DMX controller can be plugged directly into the lighting console. This enables dynamic control over the lights and allows programming of groups within your crowd.

Touchscreen Laptop

With laptop integration you control the wristbands with the CrowdLED software on a touchscreen laptop. Now you don’t have to be a light technician to sync the wristbands to the light show or program entire sequences!



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