LED balls

LED balls

create branded memories

Remote and Motion Controlled LED balls

If you’re looking to make your crowd go wild, then these giant LED Balls are perfect for you. You can create captivating scenery that will astound your audience and add a rich visual element to your event. They can be customised to your specific colour scheme and can be bounced around the crowd, etching your event into the minds of your guests! With the possibility of full colour logo printing on the entire ball, you will be sure to have branded shares on social media. Laptop and DMX Control The LED balls are controlled the exact same way as the LED wristbands, using the same lighting configuration. You can use the same system to control all CrowdLED products.

led ballsBy using our DMX512 controller or touchscreen laptop, you can choose any colour or flashing mode remotely. Synchronise the LED balls with the LED wristbands and enjoy the light show while they bounce around the crowd. Contact us today and find out how they can enhance your event!

130 LEDs

Bright as the sun



Etch your brand into visitor’s memory



Does not pop


How does it work?

The simplicity of CrowdLED’s LED Wristbands is what makes it so appealing. All the LED bracelets have a built-in radio signal receiver, effective up to 750 meters. With the simple push of a button all the bracelets will light up!

The remote control provides you with a wide array of choices from multiple colours to flashing and fading options. There is no extra equipment necessary to utilise these LED bracelets at your event.

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