LED Lanyards

LED Lanyards

Creates events you won’t forget

CrowdLEDs LED Lanyards (or keycords) are a great interactive way to signal your guests at your event. Whether you want your guests to know when a certain workshop is about to start or when everybody has to come to the center for the keynote speech. It is a great way to deliver a new experience.

It is possible to divide the lanyards into groups so you can signal each group when their program is about to start. During the different parts of your event it is of course possible to use the Lanyards as a new light effect. Light up different regions when you talk about them and so on.

This wearable technology would be perfect for corporate events, wedding, etc. Visit our possibilities page for more examples. If you have a custom request, please contact us, so our in-house engineer will customize your lanyard fully as desired.


(DMX) Centrally Controlled Lanyards



The (DMX) Controllable lanyards create immersive experiences by making the audience the light show. Seamless integration with your stage lights will create an effect they will never forget. The organizer has full control over the lanyards and is also able to light up sections of the audience. Ideal for picking winners or to separate people for workshops and other interactive events.

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How does it work?

The simplicity of CrowdLED’s LED Lanyards is what makes it so appealing. All the LED Lanyards have a built-in radio signal receiver, effective up to 750 meters. With the simple push of a button all the lanyards will light up!

The remote control provides you with a wide array of choices from multiple colours to flashing and fading options. There is no extra equipment or rigging necessary to utilize these LED lanyards at your event. Your own technicians can control them with ease.



  • Divide your guests into groups
  • Brandable with your logo
  • All colours material and LED available
  • Controlled by DMX or laptop with point-click software




Print your logo on the front


Swift delivery

Delivery time between 1-6 weeks


One for all

Affordable for smaller events

Customize the lanyards with your own logo or printing!

Do you want your guests to remember your event or company forever, brand your own logo on the lanyards and you will stay in the minds of your guests together with the memory of your awesome event! This will definitely benefit your brand image.

Branding is also nice for weddings. Put your name and wedding date on the lanyards and make your wedding unforgettable.

To customize your lanyard, just send us your logo or text and we will make you the perfect lanyard!


Any questions about printing? Please contact us.
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