Simple, yet brilliant

CrowdLED technology can be configured to suit any venue, no matter how big or small. The very simplicity of the wristbands make it an ideal cost-effective solution to provide greater visual depth to your event.

Inhouse development

At CrowdLED we develop all of our own products and our technology can be configured to suit all of your needs. Can’t find what you are looking for on our site? Contact us and we’ll make it for you. Our only limitation is your imagination!



Plug and Play

All of our products are plug-and-play: you simply turn them on and select which colour and light option (solid, flash, or fade) you want. This product simplicity provides an simple and cost-effective way to increase the visual depth of your event.



Whether you are planning a small ceremony or a major event, the CrowdLED wristbands allow your crowd to become part of the show, creating a truly unique ambience. There are many applications for our wearable technology with the ability to segment your audience and control each group individually. Holding a large event? Connect our DMX controller to your lighting board, directly integrating the CrowdLEDs in the light show.


Need ideas? See how our other customers used CrowdLED below.


Light show

Boost your event by making the visitors part of the show! During the peak of your event you can have your audience light up and feel united through light. Multiple colours and flashing options can be sent to the wristbands by our DMX controller or laptop integration.


Surprise the bride and groom by having everybody light up when they enter! And give the party the kick it needs by making everybody part of it!

Select a winner

Reveal your winner(s) by turning their wristbands on in a certain colour

Printed products as a brand/logo reveal

Print your new brand name/logo the CrowdLED products and light them up during the big reveal!

Marathon markers

Let the runners know how far they’ve run by changing the wristband colour whenever they pass a marker

Direct your groups

Segment your crowd into groups and direct them by making each group a different colour. For example: if your wristband is green, go to the green room. Blue wristbands go to the blue room. Then make them all yellow when it’s time for lunch!

All of the options are customisable. If you want something special please consider a minimum order quantity of 1.000 pieces and a lead time of 5 weeks.



Suitable for Venues of All Sizes



Cost Effective with High Appeal



Total luminary control via Remote!


How does it work?

The simplicity of CrowdLED’s LED Wristbands is what makes it so appealing. All the LED bracelets have a built-in radio signal receiver, effective up to 750 meters. With the simple push of a button all the bracelets will light up!

The remote control provides you with a wide array of choices from multiple colours to flashing and fading options. There is no extra equipment necessary to utilise these LED bracelets at your event.

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